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26 September 2009

Making History: 9/26/09

Nothing About Us Without Us! 

We are not puzzles, we are people. 

Autism Speaks does not speak for me.

Autistic Self Advocacy Network is grateful to Oregon's KOIN-TV and KPTV FOX 12, for taking the time to hear ASAN's message. Both news stations brought positive attention to ASAN's cause, which aims to advance the principles of the disability rights movement in the world of autism, as well as to ensure equal access, opportunities, and rights in society for individuals on the spectrum.

The segments that aired Saturday, September 26th, are a monumental victory for the Autistic community, and for the Disability community as a whole. History was made when ASAN-PDX's protest against Autism Speaks was documented by two state news channels. 

To have powerful footage of our political action to gain equal civil rights is golden. 

To learn more, visit these links:

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