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05 October 2010

Survey News

Got an extra 15 - 20 minutes? The survey posted below received full ethical approval from the Institutional Review Board and contains consents. It examines the relationship between the autism spectrum and Internet use, identity (including language use and neurodiversity), and visual perception. Scores are completely anonymous, and it's for any adult--or child of at least 7 years in age--who is diagnosed on, and/OR who self-identifies as on, the autism spectrum. Participants may receive help if needed.

Click here to reach the survey.

Steven Kapp
PhD student, Psychological Studies in Education
UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies
Co-Director, Autistic Self Advocacy Network - UCLA/LA Area


  1. Great survey; any way we can be apprised of the results?

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Email Steven Kapp for an answer to your question. His email is: kapp@ucla.edu

  3. I think that anyone taking the survey should be warned that it ends with the AQ test. A number of users found its inclusion very triggering and problematic. (I did.) It seems that some people felt that even if they self-identified as autistic, the AQ test might somehow screen them out as not being autistic "enough" and that their responses would be tossed.

    From what Steven has said, no one is getting screened out; if you self-identify as autistic, for the purposes of the survey, you're autistic. If I understand it correctly, the AQ test is there to match certain personality traits across the neurological spectrum to other skills/traits measured by the survey.

    That being said, I think that the people who put together the survey could have done better than to include the AQ test, because it was developed by someone who has not exactly been in the forefront of understanding autistics on our own terms. (For the sake of brevity, I'm vastly understating my feelings on the subject.) I almost didn't finish the survey because of its inclusion.